My Vision Of America Essay

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I was born in America. I was born in the land of opportunity, the home of the free, the home of the brave. My only vision for the United States of America is one that preserves the American spirit, the spirit that strives to ensure the safety of the nation and secure the Blessings of liberty. I envisage a nation that lives up to the expectations of the seeds of freedom and responsibility that our founding fathers planted in the American soil more than 200 years ago. My vision of America is represented by a government that will never stop providing for its people. Protecting the natural rights of citizens and promoting national defense, I hope that America will not only support freedom in the motherland but also support defenseless nations…show more content…
If America remains the land of hope, then people of all classes, color, gender, and race will be given the chances to excel and to improve standards of living. The nation would encourage creative differences to give birth to innovative ideas and inventions, promoting growth. I pray that future America will continue to strive to win the incessant fight for equality of liberty. The recent legalization of gay marriage across all the fifty states of the country since June 2015 can be a representation of a battle towards the fair treatment of all people. The nation I envision is compassionate and open-minded, one that will respect heterosexual marriages and transgender culture, embracing all differences and similarities alike. Social differences will eventually be blurred by the continuous improvement of the general welfare of all American citizens. I envision a nation enlivened by faith, one that leads the world with religious freedom. America’s protection and cherishment of all types of beliefs will enforce a wide array of values that positively promote the country’s morale and acceptance of diversity. The integration of various religions would make a hopeful nation blessed by
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