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My Way to the 99% Club On the first day of the class it sounded as an impossible task. Today the 99% club is the dream came true. It didn’t require from me any supernatural abilities or exceptional knowledge. Therefore, anyone can achieve this goal if you make at least some efforts. For those of you, dear future students, who still do not believe it, I am listing the following steps that helped me to succeed in this class. First and the most important advice I can give is to simply follow Professor Siciliano’s instructions. He is extremely clear with his expectations and the grading process, and you should wait a long time to receive a response e-mail from him. However, you should carefully read your syllabus since it has answers to most of…show more content…
At this point you wouldn’t have to worry that you do not hear or see something on the screen or if somebody needs to leave before the class ends. In regard to tests and quizzes, reviews of the old exams helped me a lot. Not only you can practice it on your own with the all answers available, but also there is the review sessions when you actually can ask if some questions is not clear for you. Finally, always make the notecard for the tests and write as much information as you can on it. Being honest, I didn’t look at any of my notecards but having them was making me feel more secure and less stressful since I shouldn’t worry that I am going to forget some concept or formula at the time of the exam. It is also very important for you to understand the material not just memorize it. Otherwise, you probably will forget most of the information right after your final exam. So much energy in this class. Every time when walked out the class I was ready for new goals and achievements in my life. And it doesn’t really matter if you make it to 99% club. If you are going to work hard you will still get an A grade in this class and the Final Exam will be just additional practice on the accounting

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