My Wayfinding Journey

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Wayfinding is an art of navigation, practiced by polynesians and involves being observant of the surroundings around you. I realized Wayfinding is more about the journey, not the destination; just like life. Depending on your destination the harder it is to achieve, the greater the voyage will be. For example, traveling from Hawaii to Oahu can be compared to only aspiring to be a random co-worker in some unknown company. Unlike a voyage from Hawaii to Tahiti which can be compared to aspiring to be the President of the United States or an Astronaut in NASA. Those aspirations are much more far-reaching and the journey will be much more strenuous and difficult. A voyage to Oahu would be short, with most likely fair weather the entire journey. Just like life, it won 't take much to reach your goals if your aspirations are low. The more successful you want to be, the harder your journey will be.
With that in mind, I ask myself what I want to achieve in life. Simply put, I want to experience all that there is to experience in the world. I want to leave this world with an impact as great as Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther king Jr. I want to be the President of the United States and be able to change the world. Obviously those aspirations are high and I expect much storms, and missteps along the way. But just as the
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In the Civil Air Patrol, I was given the position of Flight Commander at the 2015 HIWG Encampment. I went into the camp with my head held high and very egotistical. I had overstepped my flight sergeants positions on many occasions and even corrected cadet in front of others. I embarrassed the cadet and showed how unprepared I was. It took my flight staff to breakdown to realize my mistake as a commander. I had quickly apologized and did what I could to mend the problems I had created. Realizing my mistakes allowed me to steer out of the storm and look forward to better days
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