My Weakness In Classroom Management

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Currently, in my job setting as a substitute teacher, I have found my greatest weakness to be consistency with classroom management. Even as an experienced substitute teacher who arrives early so that I can be prepared for the day, I find it difficult to step into a strange classroom, read over the plans, familiarize myself with the management system currently in place (if it is provided), and attempt to enforce and carry on with a smooth and flawless day. It has been my experience that students quickly push boundaries, and behave in ways that are out of the ordinary when a substitute is present. I need to improve and strengthen my proficiency in classroom management by having strategies that will prevent misbehavior from happening in the first place, and that will stop misbehavior quickly and effectively the first time it happens.…show more content…
Typically each morning I introduce myself to my new group of children, and I remind them that their teacher has given me all of the plans for us to have a successful day. I let them know that I might do things a little different than their classroom teacher, so everyone will need to practice flexibility. However, I have discovered that although I do mention that I have high expectations for my students, I often neglect to clearly communicate what those expectations are. So, my first step toward better classroom management is to be specific when communicating my expectations. Examples may include the following:
“I will call on students who raise their hands.”
“I will teach when I have your attention.”
“We will walk through the hallway once we have a formal line.”
“I will take a quiet class to recess.”
Communicating my expectations by using enforceable statements, will allow me to maintain better control of the

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