Reflection On Strengths And Weaknesses As A Manager

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Based on my experiences which are detailed above I can reflect on my strengths and weaknesses as a manager. I make sure that I know my job and am good at what I do. I constantly train myself not to fall behind and strive to keep up with the current trends in my area of work. This gives me more confidence in delivering what I do as a manager. At the same time, I don't repress when I need help from others. Transparency is one thing that I consider to be one of my main innate quality. I ensure that I have a clear vision of my company's long-term goals and try to communicate them well within my team members too, and try to inspire them to support that vision, so that, they are motivated to have a sense of direction and purpose. I have realized and…show more content…
So with hindsight I should have realized and accepted that I should let things go and appreciate that every individual is different and skilled in their own ways and that it is those different attributes what makes any project a success. And ironically there were circumstances where I found it hard to maintain control. While delegating tasks, it is difficult to find a balance between giving enough space to use their abilities to best effect, while still monitoring and supporting closely enough to ensure that the job is done correctly and effectively. Being an affiliative and participative team player naturally, in times of crisis I found it difficult to switch to the authoritative style when I needed to. Despite all the varied experiences I have been through, I am certain that there will always be sprouting issues. And, I am pretty confident that they are all resolvable. This is where I have confidence in continual professional development and be ever ready for the challenges in managing

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