My Weaknesses In English

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English II opened my eyes to the strengths and weaknesses I possessed to the subject matter. I never truly struggled with the course, but I understood that I was vulnerable to committing the same mistakes time and time again. Mrs. Jackson, my English I and II teacher, acknowledged my shortcomings and educated me. Overall, I developed into a much better English student, but not without realizing that I still had imperfections. Some things I had discovered about myself in English II were my abilities to overcome my struggles in organization, my low point in writing introductions and conclusions, and my weakness in procrastination. Being able to organize paragraphs is an important piece of writing an essay. Organization helps the reader comprehend…show more content…
No matter the subject of my papers or projects, I had always put off my assignment until the night before it is due. Waiting until there is no more time will always be a dilemma for me, simply because of the stress acquired from the trials of writing. The realization that this was my greatest weakness hit when Mrs. Jackson assigned the class a final PowerPoint presentation at the end of the year. The project was given to us about two to three weeks before it’s due date, and during those weeks I did nothing but waste valuable time that could had been used to make a remarkable presentation. I foolishly did not start the project until the exact night before it was due. It was not until the next day I witnessed how ill prepared procrastinating could make me. Consequently, I realized that procrastination hurt me more when I received a B as my grade for the project. Waiting until the final minute to complete any work is always unacceptable if what is wanted is a satisfactory grade, and I have worked every time to try and prevent this from happening again. Altogether, I had high and low moments in my English II class. I learned how to correctly organize paragraphs after receiving support from Mrs. Jackson. I also discovered my low points in writing an introduction and conclusion, and that I possessed a weakness in procrastination. English II informed me that I had faults, but that I also had certain
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