Reflective Essay: My Weaknesses As A Writer

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I’ve grown as a student of English this term. I worked on several things including my weaknesses, what i struggle with on a daily basis and even my strengths. Doing this has helped me become a better reader, writer, thinker and a better person. I’ve also use the resources available, like going to tutoring and asking for help when i still feel stuck on something. Going for help is much better than trying to figure out for myself what i needed to work on. I know by setting a goal for myself and planning has also made me grow as a student. My reading and thinking isn 't much of a problem. But i still have a lot of weaknesses i need to focus on, such has actually trying to read an article or sometimes missing key ideas of what i’ve read. My…show more content…
I see things that i struggle with such as organization, and better connection quotes. Seeing my writing progress lets me see my mistakes after it has been graded. It lets me know the main things i need to focus on. My strengths as a reader is my ability to gather great ideas and fitting them in my own words. I’m good at focusing on the main point when i 'm writing. Another strength as a writer is i 'm good at ending my conclusions, restating my main point, and connecting my paper to my own life experience. As a writer when i 'm typing i look for little mistakes i may be missing such as periods, apostrophe and commas. My weaknesses as a writer is i but too many ideas that isn 't needed in my paper. I go off track and put things that aren 't related with what i 'm writing or trying to prove. This is one of my common errors. Another weakness is Grammar mistakes, like using farther instead of further. They way i can improve upon these weaknesses is practicing verb editing, knowing where to put commas, periods and apostrophes. Another way i can improve on these mistakes is limiting and cutting ideas that are not needed, and seeing what best fits in my paper. My end of semester writing is way different then my writing from earlier in the semester. A paper i did from earlier in the semester ‘’Book 's/Knowledge Fahrenheit 451’’i lacked main focus, poor connections, too many idea’s, organization and some grammar. A recent paper from the end of the semester had better improvements Such as main focus, connections, and not overloading my paper with too much ideas. I see this has a good improvement that i 've worked on with multiple papers i’ve

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