My Work Ethic

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My parents first started off with nothing when they entered the United States from Mexico. My parents did not get far in their education due to problems in their family needing the extra help. They had to work even harder, especially my dad, when they had me to buy a home to live in. They were new to parenthood, new to living on their own, did not speak English that well, and did not have much at the beginning. They worked hard to get where we are at to this very day, they had great discipline, and great work ethic to give me and my family a comfortable living, one they were not able to have as children. I have been taught to be disciplined by my parents to have a great work ethic to be able to achieve anything desire. And that is what sets me apart…show more content…
I have bible study, soccer practice, church, and work as well. These interests, activities, jobs, and groups have interfered school work at many points. All this has not set me back to missing assignments or to having failing grades. I did not make any excuses to get my work done or to study for tests. I had a fixed schedule to get all my work done on time or before time. I work hard to be able to finish things on time or early. I never let my priorities interfere with each other to the point where I cannot do anything. I have to study for tests, but I also have to study for my bible studies teaching. I have to read many things as part as homework and I also have to read my bible. I have services on Fridays and Sundays and I still work hard to get school related work done on time. I try my hardest not to make any excuses not to finish work, although, there are times when I put work off at times, however, it is not done late it is just finished on another day. That does not mean I am lazy and put off work for other times, nonetheless it shows that every student needs a break at times. Because of my work ethic I have to finish my work no matter
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