My Work Experience: My Career Experience In Public Health

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My work experience over the last three years has led me to a thorough revision of my professional identity and aspirations. This fundamental revision, in term, has resulted in a crucial decision to change my career path and pursue a graduate degree in public health. I was only 15 years old when I went to a medical university. While I was studying there I became so interested in pathophysiology, pharmacology, internal medicine, psychiatry and psychology that after graduation I was eager to expand my knowledge in all those areas and find a job that would allow me to apply all that knowledge in practice. Therefore, I completed my internship in internal medicine, spent a year as a teaching assistant in pathophysiology and obtained degree in psychiatry. During the first few years as a consultation-liaison psychiatrist in a general hospital I was satisfied with my job because it provided me with a great opportunity to use and expand my knowledge of psychiatry and internal medicine. At the same time, I continued my professional development in the field of psychotherapy. I believed that appropriate use of psychopharmacology and the ability to apply a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques would allow me to provide the most effective care for the patients with comorbid medical conditions, especially in a general medical outpatient setting. A lot has changed since I moved to Moscow 3 years ago. Although it helped me to reach my goal and I began to work as a psychotherapist, I

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