My World History: The Importance Of My Life

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As a child and young teenager, I never knew what I wanted to become my life 's career and was always saying what I thought I wanted to be an example is an architect. Even though I did not really care about that career. Nevertheless, some very important people helped me settle on what I wanted to do with my life and I cannot thank them enough for the difference they have made to my life. This story starts in the year 2017 when I was a freshman at Anacortes High School. I am now in 10th grade as a sophomore, but I now know what I want to be my life 's purpose, to teach high school kids about the importance of our history and what were the events that lead to the modern world we live in today. During my freshman year I took a class called World History, the teacher Mrs. Pullen made the World history class fun, and I really understood everything she taught us. However, it was very easy for me and I wanted my history to be challenging. During the course, I found solace in the history textbook as I did not really have friends in that class, this lead to me doing great on quizzes and tests Mrs. Pullen assigned. I can remember one conversation we had from last year very well. It was with her after I had gotten the work done fast and she had said something about a canned food drive and how she would give extra credit if you brought in canned food. But I knew my grade was high but hadn’t checked in a while, “Hey, uh Mrs. Pullen would bringing in canned food even matter my grade?”
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