My World Of The Unknown And Sultana's Dream Analysis

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Alifa Rifaat and Rokeya Hossain are Muslim women who have challenged the cultural norms of traditional role of women in their culture. Their approach to the literary text are ones that are bold in the role of women in their stories. The importance of their writing allows us to access a subculture we probably wouldn’t have known existed until now. In my research I have found that the cultural norms of Muslim women are very important to them. In the western world they are seen as oppressed and have no freedoms, but in actuality there are many women that have made amazing advances to this cause. They are women devout in her religious faith to Allah first and man second. They are not concerned about the affairs of other cultures but would like to preserve theirs, while still having an equal alliance with men. These two stories I chose to compare the similarities and differences between Rifaat’s “My World of the Unknown” and Hossain’s “Sultana’s Dream”. Although they are both 20th Century writers they have chosen different approaches on how women are depicted in their stories. Both authors have chosen to use real life and fantasy with a message of the importance of women in traditional roles. They are both Muslim women and use their religion directly influence their writing. They have chosen not to abandon their heritage because they understand the importance of their voices. Though they had two different upbringings their stories come from the same literary space. They want to

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