My World Story

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Our stories say that when the universe was created, not all of it fit. Pieces fell off the whole, like water overfilling a glass, and those bits dropped into cracks and were forgotten.

Our stories, the oldest ones; the ones most people no longer remember, say that my world is one of those forgotten places, hidden away in a pocket of existence and for the most part separated from the human world or as they call it, Earth.

But not entirely.

An indestructible bridge kept both worlds alive and in order. For although each world was a mirror image of the other. Each held something the other didn 't.

A truth.

Earth was known for its evolution, it 's science and its notorious human beings.

Ariyan was made of magic and mystery It thrived on it.

Not everyone in my world believes that legend, though. To them it was just a simple story that was told to children for entertainment. Why would they believe it anyways.
Their world is their world, and why would there be another? Most common folk don 't like to think about unsettling things.

Doing so would challenge their feelings of being superior and wise or at least wise enough to go through life, to have nice meals and a warm bed at the end of the day, and to know that there are no other worlds besides their own.

But I knew better.

In the years of my childhood, the tales of earth had allured me. Weaving its spell almost seductively over me. Ever heard that phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Well that phrase was based on me.
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