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My worldviews are different than most people would be as a Christian. I know that facts and experience to be true. In know this to be true because fact and experience are evidences, plus if there are a lot of witness. It helps with determines if it true. I value my family, religious, and sports. These are my most important value in life because they bring me joy. Nothing passes them, and nothing will. School would have been a value, but it to stressful and the goal is to be done with it. At the end, day my religious because it helps me be level-minded and open to new experience. Now where I am, being plant Earth. Now I love science but, the theory of the Big Bang Theory isn’t working out for, plus it only possible that for that to happen, something had to started. I believe…show more content…
Now, my overall worldview is totally different. In my worldview; it chaos, people always with the wants and wants. Nobody ever thin the little guy or girl. We live in a ME population where everyone cares about themselves and that it. if it doesn’t help your situation; then it not even important. Even if it a good deed it always something that wasn’t done. For example, Obamacare it was supposed to help people who didn’t have health insurance but because it was not totally free, he was counted as the worst president. Or the time where we had a poor unemployment rate. I feel like this because you have many dropouts and convinces in today society, plus the fact that jobs are now required that you are (a. have not been to jail/prison) (b. have a high school diploma) or (c. be free of drugs). Now I get all these required are important when ran a business, but the president job is not to provide job. That job for the govern or the mayor. another reason is separation from race, religion, and sex. Everyday it a post about how girls did this or how guys did this. No one have ever answer the question who side is

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