My Worldview From A Christian Perspective

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Whether we choose to admit it or not, we all have a worldview. A worldview is the way in which a person views the world. For example, a worldview is like looking through glasses to help people see the world clearer, just like glasses help people see better. Worldviews are crucial to our lives because it dictates the way we view the world and make our decisions. A worldview lays the foundation for what we believe about ourselves, about God, and about others. (83 words)

I grew up in a Christian home, so my worldview has always been from a Christian viewpoint. I accepted Christ at age five, so I have always grown up in church and have known the right answers, but it was not until sophomore year when I truly developed my worldview for myself. Sophomore year of high school is when I realized that I needed to stop going through the motions and truly live out the Christian life. It was then when I began making intentional decisions to stand up for what I believe in. For me, my worldview is looking through the Christian
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Understanding the concept of a worldview is important because our decisions will be made based on the way in which we view the world. Our actions should reflect what we believe, which is linked to our worldview, so we should make sure that our understanding of a worldview lines up with our belief system. Many times different religions get criticized for their followers being fake, but if people better understood the concept of a worldview, then there probably would not be as much hypocrisy because people would be trying to live their life according to their beliefs. The concept of a worldview is a key aspect to understand, so that we can accurately describe and live out our beliefs. A worldview is a way in which we as people view the world and helps us make choices based on our religious beliefs. (168

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