My Writing Career

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Throughout my life, my writing career has mostly been positive. I have always used writing as a coping mechanism, and it has really helped me form the thoughts that I wanted to say, but never could. I was never big on reading or writing until the sixth grade where I learned I had a talent for writing journals. The teacher at the time gave us an assignment, and we had to journal about what a typical day looked like for us. The writer in me came out in the paper offered, and the teacher was thrilled with what I had written. All I needed was that little push from the teacher and assignment, and my love for writing took off. I was also interested in reading (more so than I am now). My love Stephen King books started in ninth grade. I always loved…show more content…
I had my notebook in front of me, and I just decided to start writing. What came out of it was something so horrible that it could barely be called writing. It was my first attempt at a poem! As I sit here and write today I couldn 't remember for the life of me what it said, but it was a very important piece of my life as it started a new love and passion for another type of writing. Poetry is something I rarely read or cared to read, so I was self taught. Though it was foreign to me at that time, poetry became my favorite hobby. I have always loved the free form style of writing because it lets you express anything you wish to convey. There is no topic that you have to filter. Stories helped me to grow as a writer, but it feels like now poetry helped push me into adulthood, so-to-speak. With poetry, I was always writing dark or sad lines, because that really is all I had really known how to write at the time; that was the way I was feeling as well. I found poetry to help me express what my thoughts and feelings were more so than journaling and writing stories. Writing stories was fun, but it also restricted me from showing my true potential. It always goes back to the “one topic” thing. It has always been difficult for me to write about a certain topic, and stay focused. Journaling was better than writing stories, but it was always straightforward. It is really hard to go back and read what you are feeling, when you are depressed and
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