My Writing Class Reflection

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When I signed up to take English Comp 1, I thought this was going to be a simple class. I assumed because I enjoyed reading and writing I would pass this class with an easy “A”. I was completely wrong. I learned my writing wasn’t as good as I thought and that I had a lot to learn about how I translate my thoughts and opinions into writing. Taking this course has helped me mold my writing skills in the proper way that is vital for achieving my future goals. This class helped me change my writing style. I have a habit of making my writing very personable. When I’m reading a story, I love being able to feel emotion through the words but what I realized is that not everything that is written is a story. That is something I never considered before. Don’t get me wrong, I know the difference between a story about facts and a story about fiction but I didn’t realize that a writer’s choice in words can easily change the style of writing. I guess I figured it didn’t make much of difference. Once I saw the difference in my …show more content…

In my writings in high school or just simply speaking in my everyday life, I find that I can go from one point to another randomly. I don’t consider that I need to stick to one point and finish explaining that point before moving on to my next point. One thing that helped me was rea example essays from other students. I think this helped put an idea in my head on what I needed to write and the structure that I should follow. Specifically, the compare and contrast essay and the classification essay. I found these two essays to be the essays I had the most trouble with because it wasn’t something I was used to. I learned that how I thought it should be written wasn’t correct. By focusing on making my essays more understandable and making sure they have an easy flow I feel like I have not only improved my writing but also improved the way I speak and explain things to other

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