My Writing Class Reflection

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My writing extravaganza began in second grade when my world was changed, thanks to the teachings of Mrs. Clutter. The most distinct memories I hold from that year includes the colorful, giant list of homophones hanging on the wall, and the purple writing journals we kept throughout the year. The fire for writing that I developed in this class continued with me as I traveled to third grade and the rest of my elementary experience, but quickly died out when it came to middle school. Through a random app that I had learned about from my cousin, that fire easily rekindled and I was back to writing by eighth grade. These memories are just a minuscule fragment of the whirlwind of words that is my writing style.

When walking into Mrs. Clutter’s
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I am not sure what obligated me to choose the topic that I did, but I decided to write about Spongebob SquarePants. I wrote in “second grade” detail the plot for my favorite episode, which just so happens to be the Christmas episode. I can remember reading it in front of the class, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. People were listening to me read my own writing, and what surprises me to this day is that I was proud of what I wrote! Looking back on it now as a high school senior, I'm almost embarrassed to say that was my first piece of writing, but everyone has to start somewhere.

The entire year we filled up our purple notebook with stories that flowed straight from our imagination, and I was having the time of my life. Writing came so easily to me, and I could write for hours on end about anything in the entire world. After second grade ended, I didn't stop writing. I continued to compose wild stories about my friends and family going on extreme adventures. I eventually acquired a journal, or a diary you could call it, and I would log anything and everything I did each day. When third grade came and finally fourth, I felt as if I was a professional at the art of
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