My Writing Course Reflection

Good Essays
In my undergraduate studies, no course has left a positive impact on me more than expressive writing. Most courses I have taken dictated that good writing reflects the application and knowledge of course content and themes. While I improved as a student following this criteria, my capabilities as a writer needed improvement. This course helped me to overcome that writing obstacle and developed my self-knowledge that will help me in my pursuit of legal studies. The structure of coursework improved my writing skills. In one experience, my peer editing session explained that my childhood story showed a simple and clear writing style, but it wasn’t concise. This feedback forced me to evaluate my story and see in what ways it could be concise along with other writing tools that I incorporated. I realized from the experience that this was the first time I focused purely on improving my writing skills rather than understanding the course content. The course enabled me to confront my weaknesses in writing that I couldn’t in other academic classes. Given that legal studies will feature reports, case studies, and court documents, an improvement to my writing ability is an asset for legal studies.…show more content…
My motivation for self-improvement reflected my fascination with the course content. I was excited to learn about new information that taught me new writing tools I applied to my stories. For example, once I learned of passive and active sentences, the subject-verb-object sentence structure, and rules to structure dialogue encouraged me to return and edit past stories. This small example shows that a stronger commitment to this goal will be necessary to spark improvement. My experience in the course will serve as an example of why I’ll need to commit to this goal If I want to pursue legal studies
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