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I am currently a teenager whose writing has developed significantly over the past few years. In fact, my writing was absolutely shocking when I was younger; it was only recently that it has improved.
From about year 6, I noticed that my writing was not very good, especially when I found out the importance of using punctuation. Yes, I did not use commas AT ALL. Also, my vocabulary choices were practically always informal, and I was never able to judiciously incorporate effective language into my sentences.
However, these issues became apparent quickly, and so I knew I needed to act upon them, but I knew it was going to take a lot of work. In order to start practising, I continuously listened in class, experimented with language features and
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In fact, I went in virtually every lunch time into the “IT Lab” to edit my letter. Each day, I would make slight changes, and this all eventually culminated together to form the product that I was happy with.
At this point, I was half way through the year, feeling more confident about my writing. Entering term 3, I continued to show the development of my writing as I produced a “description” of an invention I needed to design. Whilst creating the prose, I practised my adjectives, adverbs, etc. to develop the complexity of my writing. After spending a considerable amount of time editing this piece, I received an A/A+ overall, which made me feel blissful. But notably, I noticed that I actually put in less effort to produce this response, which showed me that my writing was developing quite
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However, I felt like most of my development had occurred in year 6, and that the other years of work did not impact upon my exhibition result. Hence, I feel that year 6 was the best year for my academic progress for all subjects, particularly English.
At the end of the exhibition, I was so pleased with my work, as I attained an A+ in the project. Consequently, I felt that, if I did not stay determined throughout the year, that I would not have produced a result as effective as that.
Overall, as well as developing my own competence to write more effectively, a special thanks goes to my teacher who sought my problem from the start and kept me on track to achieve my goals. If this did not occur, I would not be in the position I am currently in
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