My Writing Experience

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Without support and acknowledgement it is relatively hard for growth to take place. When a young developing mind has questions that go unanswered it is very hard for them to want to ask questions as they mature. From a young age I disliked writing. To this day I despise the task. I remember always asking “why is writing necessary and useful to me?” and regularly receiving the answer “because you must”. Throughout my life certain teachers have expanded my desire to write but nevertheless I lose the passion to write when I move along with my academic career. From a young age I always heard the words “you better…” rather than the encouraging words of “I believe you can…”. I credit these words to my parents because without them I would never have …show more content…

The fear that a mere B would send me straight to academic hell and my reward for said grade would be a McDonald’s application. This encouragement has led me to do enough to make it through the courses I take but not enough to enjoy them. This encouragement has given me the very useful skill of doing my best writing a half an hour before the essay is due. I’ve never enjoyed writing because no one has ever believed in me and my ability to do so. I’ve never enjoyed writing because I am never told why it is useful to me but instead that I just have to. Throughout my schooling I have always been anti-English. My least favorite class of the day. I could smell the statutory rape written all over Romeo and Juliet. I’ve never taken an interest in any of the “timeless” novels forced down my throat by the mandatory district curriculums. The only upside I had found was reading them was a sure way to get me to fall asleep on a restless night. While reading Fahrenheit 451 …show more content…

Maybe it was finally time for me to realize what I had been missing out on. I feel as if I should write to a certain extent however it has done me no good in the long run. When I enjoy writing is when I am given the opportunity to argue for a point I hold firmly in my belief. I remember always hearing “you like to argue for the hell of it”. This is true. I can truly show who I am and give a piece of my mind. Maybe persuade others. I always remember seeing girls write in their journals. Endless pages of notes and feelings and thoughts. I also remember trying to at a young age however never coming up with anything to write besides some boys name I found attractive in elementary school. To this day I see girls writing in their journals and it seems so effortless. I believe that you must enjoy it and be encouraged to write from a young age otherwise it will lead to future lack of creativity. There are few teachers who can lead me to understand why writing is essential. Recently I was required to annotate multiple essays on literacy and why is is deemed as important. I saw this as eye opening because they did contain valid points. Without writing I am voiceless and do not have a legitimate way of “entering the conversation”. This was an answer to my question of WHY I must write. I always understood that writing was essential to pave the way for my degrees in science related fields but I figured I could just do the bare

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