My Writing Flaws

Better Essays
This semester I completed Composition 2. During the course I wrote three essays. Like Composition 1, I had the option to rewrite my papers after seeing the grade. Having the chance to rewrite my papers was very beneficial because I could improve my grade, and more importantly, learn what I was doing wrong. Amongst my writings, three major flaws stood out. The three major problems in my writing were my inability to cite my sources correctly, my poor use of vocabulary, and my constant use of run-on sentences. These three problems showed up repeatedly in my papers. With the help of my teacher, I have been able to learn from my mistakes. I can now take my new skills into future papers to prepare for college. Writing papers and fixing my errors has helped me understand my weaknesses and taught me what NOT to do. Editing my mistakes has taught me the skills to carry on in my next paper. Run on sentences, poor use of vocabulary and citations were my biggest weaknesses. I have officially mastered the skills the eliminate these errors. I no longer struggle with these basic errors. Fixing these problems have made me a better writer. Throughout my papers, one thing I…show more content…
In Writing Project #3, I had to cite many articles that I was getting information from. I didn’t know if the title is in quotation marks that you carry those quotation marks into the citation: “‘They are master manipulators that can manipulate not only naive children, but adults as well: “They target both boys and girls of all ages and use the anonymity of the Internet to their advantage since they can be whomever they want’ (The Facts About Online Predators)” (3). Mrs. Danner taught me that quotations marks were needed in the in text citation as well. After learning my lesson on citations, I never again gave up points for errors in
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