My Writing Observation

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During my first two weeks of observations, I did my best to observe different tutors every session to evaluate the different ways you could perform a writing workshop and to gauge which techniques I felt I could use and what techniques wouldn’t work for me. In all of my sessions, I took notes on statements that the tutor made that I thought I could use and tips and tricks that could help me in rough patches. For instance, in one session, where a student came in to brainstorm ideas for a paper with a tutor, at one point when the student was getting away from the theme she proposed, the tutor gently asked, “How would you tie this into the theme?” I noted how patient he was with the student and I noted that I would have to be able to patient with any level of writing and be ready to answer a range of questions. In the same session, the tutor gave helpful tips to the student that I also found helpful for myself to use in my own writing, and would offer to students who came into the center. Two tips he provided was arranging your evidence in paragraphs that begin with the strongest piece of evidence, to the weakest, and ending with the second strongest. I loved this tip because many students struggle with organization in…show more content…
With this, the most poignant moment in a writing session is when the student realizes that they have to take control of their paper and took down notes and tips that the tutor provided. I, of course that this will happen in all of my sessions and will continue to observe other tutors to adopt techniques that will help me guide students to this moment in their
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