My Writing Perspective

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Writing in My Own Perspective

My experience with writing is not that great. When I was a child in elementary school, my teacher asked us to write many essays in Arabic. I remember that when I went back home, I started to tell my mother about the assignment and that I did not want to write it. My mother began to search for information related to the topic. She always loved to help me with my essays. I was always depending on my mother to do my writing homework. One day, my teacher gave me an assignment about comparing between poor people and rich people. This time my mother told me that this is really important subject in our lives that you will learn many things by writing this one. She told me, “You will learn the differences between being poor and being rich and what the disadvantages and advantages are for both. This will assist you to understand the people around you.” My mother took me, and we went to the library. She told me, “Lets bring books that help you improve your writing.” We were searching all over the place, and I was so
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My short-term goals here are to study in American university and finish my Master’s. I will have to write my thesis, and I know it will be long piece of writing about my major. They will judge me according to this thesis. I do not want only to write it for myself to graduate; I want also to benefit all the people that are interested to read my thesis. In addition, I want to study biomedical sciences and be able to work in hospital lab or research center. For this reason, I know that my research filed will require lots of writing. I will be exposed to many lab experiments that are demand writing many papers. I want to have the potential to write good research papers using graphs, explanation and quotations. My long-term goals are to work here in US to have the experience and the knowledge in working
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