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My perfect writing workplace, My first inclination, when I was assigned to write about my perfect writing workplace, was to pick a verandah at a beach house overlooking the ocean maybe in the Caribbean. I absolutely love the sound and smell of the ocean. But upon further reflection, I decided that would not be my perfect place. At least, it would not be my perfect writing place, for a vacation it would be fantastic. So, after much consideration, I decided that I would love to have a writing retreat in a rustic setting. This setting would be much like what I have now, except that it would be self-contained. I would like to have a spot for myself, maybe a shed or a tiny house where no one would interrupt me. One thing I would not have is a telephone because I really loathe talking on the phone since I must use it at work continuously. The more I contemplate it, the more I am leaning toward a tiny house with an open floor plan., with a very a nice bathroom. In my perfect spot a soaking tub would be ideal as some of my best thinking is done while soaking in the bath. Nice comfortable chairs would be my preferred seating arrangement, and I would need a sleeper sofa. The sofa would be so that if I desired a place to sleep it would be available. A TV is a necessity since I love to have one on for the noise even though I am not necessarily watching it. A big fireplace with a gas log insert, where I can make a fire would make it nice and cozy on cool nights. I love to watch

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