My Writing Process Analysis

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The writing process is something everybody does whether or not they know they do it. Everyone 's writing process is different. Now let me tell you about my writing process.
The first step to the writing process is to analyze the question. When I analyze the question I like to sit and think for a few minutes. I do my best thinking when I am in the bathroom or in the shower. Some of my best ideas come from those places. I also like to attempt to write my essay in my head. This gets the ideas flowing in my head, however I usually forget them unless I write them down.
The second step is to research. Most of the essays I have been required to write this year do not require me to research anything. However, the few I had to do research for I used
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Planning is the hardest step for me because I have a very busy schedule. Between cheer, track, clubs, and work I don’t have much down time during the week. The weekends work best for me when it comes to writing papers. However, If there is not a weekend in between the time the paper is assigned and when it is due I will pick a day and plan my activities around that day. I like to write my whole paper at one time, so as long as I have one day set aside I should always have it done before its due day. For this paper I planned on writing it the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but other plans got in the way and I had to write it the following…show more content…
This last step of the writing process is to edit. When I edit, the first thing I do is run it through and online proofreader. Sometimes the proofreader finds all the mistakes, but sometimes it doesn 't. Since I cannot fully trust the online proofreader, I like to read my paper out loud to each parent individually. Reading it multiple times out loud helps me catch little mistakes. It also helps me hear if a certain part is flowing well together. If something doesn 't sound right, then I usually ask my mom for her input. Also, if a paper is very important to me, I will take it to my old cheer coach because she is an English teacher and has her doctorate degree.
Although I am very comfortable with my writing process, I know that there is always room to improve. One way I could improve mine is planning two different days to write my paper. This would give me a safety net just in case something urgent came up on the day I originally planned on writing my paper. Another way I could improve my writing process is by using actually books when I have to research something. I could cross- reference the information I find on the internet with what is in a book. This would help me make sure that the information I am presenting is all
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