My Writing Process Essay

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Writing process is difficult to realize since it requires a lot of skills and knowledge. Definitely, not many of us can start writhing right away without having any problems such as grammar, vocabulary or organization. However, a person can become a better writer if he or she will practice writing every day and will pay attention to his writing problems. To become a good writer, I have to improve my grammar, follow specific steps in writing process, and avoid using similar transitional words. Grammar is the number one problem in the writing process and causes me a lot of issues. If I had to make a list with all of my grammar issues, my number one would be “articles”. For an ESL student, it is really difficult to understand when I should use an article and what articles should be used. Thus, articles such as “a” and “the”, are tricky for me. Another challenge for me is…show more content…
The first one is reading the directions from the beginning to the end, and making sure I understood them. By doing this, I have a clear idea of what I should write, and do not spend time for reading the directions again. The second step is creating a brainstorming diagram. This step helps me to organize my ideas and to determine what I have to write, and what are the most important ideas which has to be described The third step is outlining which is similar to brainstorming. This step helps me to write and develop my ideas into complete sentences. The fourth step is writing the assignment and correcting the mistakes. The last, but not least, is bringing the final draft of my assignment to the reading and writing center and asking somebody to review it. This last step helps me especially for the reading responses for the book Seedfolks since a person who did not read the book has to understand what was all about. Thus, following all that steps helps me in the writing
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