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In the past few weeks, I have seen myself grow step by step to become a good writer. I have had to work on essays which took time and effort and a few corrections from my peers and my professor. I have become accustomed to new writing skills and techniques which I believe will be of great use in years to come. I intend to incorporate corrections provided in class and even in peer group discussions into my writing. I believe learning is a process which demands discipline and proper guidance. I am thankful that I have managed to acquire all the aforementioned elements in my journey to become a proficient writer. I have grown from an amateur that was completely out of touch with the facets of proper writing. Judging from my past essays I can…show more content…
My arguments in previous papers have been critiqued due to their lack of proper logical constructs. However, I have improved on this by incorporating as many facts as possible to support my assertions. My writing has also progressed due to the effective distinguishing of ideas. I have learnt the importance of introducing secondary information and corroborating with mine in the advancement of arguments. This is essential in ensuring that I give proper credence to the authors or framers of the ideas used. It is only through the use of past studies and theories that I have managed to ensure my essays are effective in advancing robust and logical arguments (Gill, 2014). In the past, I used to be economical with examples but after advice from my professor and criticism from my colleagues I understood the importance of their inclusion. Examples are fundamental in ensuring essays are persuasive and relatable to…show more content…
The eagerness was prompted by my desire to see how far my writing has come. The thought of assessing the progress has been crucial in my passion for writing. My essays have improved greatly with minimal mistakes which on peer reviews have been cited as too minor to impact my growth as a writer. Drawing comparisons with my old jobs, I have to admit my writing is better organized and more professional in many ways. I now appreciate the need for specific and informative thesis. I have also made use of the outlines which are fundamental in the organization of thoughts and

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