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In English 100 we have written multiple types of papers and we have learned many new writing skills and strategies and ways to make our papers meet the collegian standard. English has always been one of my favorite subjects, I love writing papers and seeing the final copy and getting a good grade. However, English 100 has improved my writing skills in many different ways, I’ve seen the most growth in my grammatical skills. I’ve improved on how I use the same “types, endings” of words in sentences. Although, there is always room for improvement. I need to improve on my word usage, I could start using bigger words more often. I can also improve on paper quality, yes I have gotten all “A’s and B’s” but I need to start going into more detail. Three…show more content…
I wouldn’t do a rough draft, an outline, I wouldn’t do anything but the final copy. Now my writing process consists of notes on what I can possibly put in my paper, an outline, two rough drafts edited by two different people and a final copy. Writing papers in college is a lot harder than it was in high school, but my paper quality has improved a lot. From my new writing process I have learned how to structure my sentences better, how editing helps myself and how every piece of information is important for a solid paper. In the beginning of the semester, outlines were a struggle to write, I was convinced they were pointless and useless. Through this new writing process I have learned that outlines are important. I also think that my papers have improved a lot because it is easier to catch errors when you have more copies of your paper in different…show more content…
Through that paper I learned how to change those words with better words that cover a bigger audience. In our second paper, Howard Gardner, I was very proud of myself for this paper. I worked really hard on it and got the grade I thought I deserved, through that paper I learned not only writing skills but about myself. It was interesting to learn how to use a survey in a paper and how to write a paper based off of one. In the last paper that we did, it was about national debt, that paper was not easy. One thing I learned from writing that paper is that it is hard to figure out what words to use, and how to structure sentences when the articles you are reading have so much information but you can’t use it all. In our final paper that we are in the process of doing now we have to write about food. I chose to write about how food impacts children with Autism, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. I’m only in the process of writing this paper, so I haven’t had the chance to learn much on how to fix my papers. But I’ve learned a lot on how to make a paper as well as you can. I think the food paper will be one of my best ones because I am interested the most in special education so It will be nice to write a paper on something I love. One thing that hasn’t gone well this semester is getting a

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