My Writing Strength

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For I Am Weak But Also I Am Strong
Some believe that writing is easy. For those people writing may come naturally. They may write like poets, authors, or even professional writers. Even the best or most gifted writers make mistakes, though, before making it look easy. They also have their strengths and weaknesses. Writing takes skills that must be learned over time. For any writer, knowing their strengths and weaknesses is important. While multiple weaknesses can weaken the paper quality. Certain strengths can help individuals stand out. My weaknesses include revision and grammatical errors, while my strength is connecting to the audience. One thing I struggle with in writing is the revision of my paper. My definition of “revision” would
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Connecting with the audience is to find how my audience can connect with my topic. After the topic or assignment is given from I figure out who my audience is going to be. Whether it be children, teens or adults I could have the same topic but approach a different method and or teaching. Each age or gender group has a different set of knowledge of a subject. Such as, the letters of the alphabet. When talking to kids I can teach them how to remember them, how many letters are in the alphabet, and how to write them. For this I do not have to do any type of research. I could flashback to when I was in preschool or kindergarten. I could sing “now I know my ABC’s”. Also have them color pictures and trace the letters. Whereas with teens and or adults I could teach where the alphabet originated from. As for this I would need to do some research. Because me personally I do not know where the alphabet originated from. In fact I am pretty sure my audience does not know either. the topic is the same but the teaching or discussion from my audience of kids to adults is different. An assignment i had in my 11th grade year of high school was to write a paper for my peers on texting. I decided to do my essay on texting and driving, most of classmates were driving to school. I knew who my audience was and connected texting to them so they could relate to my paper. Also the subject of my paper would be something that they could learn
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