My Year Of Say Yes To Everything Rhetorical Analysis

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In the speech, Shonda Rhimes speaker of “ My Year of Saying Yes to Everything,” presents how she felt when she did not decline chooses and how saying yes helped her move forward in her life. Rhimes is considered a powerful speaker because she begins to talk about how she did not like to interact with people and relate to the audience members who had the same experience. Her speech is very influential to people who are very anti-social. The general purpose of her speech was to help people understand that working too much can have an affect on surrounding things, and how the power of one word “yes” can change a person's life. Her message can help any person who is struggling with their fear, so that the audience members can practice by themselves. What was interesting about this speech was the fact that Rhimes had to get out of her comfort zone. She had to do what she feared most and it undid her fear. By saying yes to her children it…show more content…
She appeals to the audience when she is talking about her three daughters and how she can not spend much time with them because of her back to back shows. Her key stories in the speech was about the hum in her life and the simple question her daughter asked. She makes an image out of the humming feeling and makes the audience try to feel the same thing as her also saying it is like being a workaholic to be more relatable. So, when she lost that feel of the hum it was like she did not know what to do anymore. She then goes on to how she had to cope without the feeling anymore and how one simple question from her daughter brought back that simple hum. In the beginning she repeatedly says “I am that hum,” but at the end contradicts herself by saying she is no more the hum. She got the hum from overworking herself but also lost it that way. So when she got her hum back in a different, more fun way it was a different
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