Mya Loftis At Woodland Heights Elementary: Case Study

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CW Made initial contact with Mya Loftis at Woodland Heights Elementary. Present is the Guidance counselor Ms. Arnold. Mya is six years old and she is in Kindergarten. She likes to go to Recess. She gets to school by her mother driving her to her grandma then her grandmother brings her to school. Carmia and Alex is in the car with her when grandmother drops her off at school. Carmia and Alex is her aunt and uncle. They attend Woodland elementary. She commented that Carmia is in the same grade as she is. She lives with her mother. She denied that anyone else lived there. Ms. Vanity works then comes home and talks on the phone. When asked about her mom’s boyfriend she stated that she does not want to talk about him because he is not married to…show more content…
She denied seeing them push and hit in this fight. She stated that in another fight, that was the big fight. She commented that this happened before this one. She stated that the big fight they were pushing and hitting. She commented that one time Victor left and police and grandmother came to the house. She denied that anyone left in handcuffs. She stated that she is afraid of Victor because “Victor scares the hell out of momma”. She stated that Victor pops her. She stated that mom has left her alone with Victor. She commented that when she gets herself ready, she does it herself. She commented that her mom picks out her clothes and she puts them on. She stated that she gets herself ready for a bath. Her mom gets the bubble and bath ready. She stated that Victor has watched her to undress when she gets ready for bath. She said it is weird because he is a boy. She commented that Victor has been bad. Bad means that he has been ugly. Mya commented that ugly as in being mean. She commented that Victor spanks her for no reason. Mya knows where her private parts are and denied that Victor has touched them. Mya denied that anyone touched them. When Mya is in trouble spank when she is in

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