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The influx of Myanmar refugees to the Thai border as a result of instability and ethnic conflict in Myanmar since 1984 present a huge challenge to Thailand Government. The refugees consist of various ethnic groups residing in 9 camps at the city of Mao Sat near the Thai-Myanmar border estimated around 120,000 people. The complexity and magnitude of problems brought about by the Myanmar refugees and the difficulties face by the Thai Government and various stakeholders to cope with the situation is very obvious as highlighted in this report such as increasing number of refugees to care for, stateless status of the refugees, unsafe camps condition, lack of education and health facilities, vulnerability to exploitation and mushrooming of illegal activities. Three main issues that…show more content…
Repatriation from the perspective of the host country, not only in Thailand, but also globally, refugees are increasingly viewed as a burden and a potential threat to national security and stability particularly when a deterioration in the asylum conditions and/or a political push for repatriation occur . The return of the Myanmar refugees to their origin is a policy option for Thailand but to do that certain pre-conditions have to be met before proceeding with it. While on-going political reform in Myanmar and the transition to democracy is underway, there are continuing incidences of violence, persecution, gross human rights abuses and instability which makes return for refugees fraught with danger and an inopportune moment to contemplate voluntary repatriation. Repatriation as stipulated in 1951 UN Convention on Refugees must be voluntarily in safety and with dignity. However, as Thailand is not a signatory to the 1951 Convention on Refugees means it can forced the refugees back to Myanmar if situations getting out of control at the camps with increasing refugees coming in, over-crowding space and lack of funding to care for their continuing

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