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Myanmar : Who are the Rohingyas. Introduction: Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country, a nation more than 100 ethnic groups. This country, many consists of Buddhism religion, where there lived the Muslims known as the Rohingyas ; who have been living there for centuries. Recently, there are about 1.1 million Rohingyas living in southeast Asia.These groups of Muslim people known as the rohingyas can speak Rohingya or Ruainggam. This language is completely different from the rest of the Myanmars. Myanmar officially consists of 135 ethnic groups, but since 1982 Rohingyas have been denied for their citizen in Myanmar. Where are they from: In Myanmar almost all the Rohingyas live in the western coastal state of Rakhine, which is one of the poorest state in the country with lack of social facilities,…show more content…
She and her governments call the Rohingyas “terrorist”, and denied to recognize them to recognize as an ethnic group. The government also continuously has been rejecting the ABUSE against the Rohingyas. Due to the military crackdown, many of the Rohingyas has been abused, tortured, but the government completely refused the violence and blamed them. The government also restricted the entry of the journalist to northern Rakhine. Conclusion: Myanmar’s should provide the Rohingyas their nationality back and give them their legal rights. Rohingyas might be the immigrants of many different nations, but they have been moved to Myanmar and lived there for long. They are not only ethnic group, there are other ethnic groups living in Myanmar they are getting their rights, except the Rohingyas for being Muslims. They should be returned to their country by the government with complete respect,cause they are also a part of that country, and they cannot live in other country for a long time. They should be able to find peace in their own

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