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Class I Any ocular muscle weakness
Class II Ocular muscle (any severity) other than ocular muscle (mild)
Class IIa Limb, axial muscles or both
Class IIb Bulbar or respiratory muscles (can be both)
Class III Ocular muscle (any severity) or other muscles (moderate)
Class IIIa Limb or axial muscle
Class IIIb Bulbar or respiratory muscle (can be both)
Class IV Ocular muscle (any severity), other muscle (severe)
Class IVa Limb or axial muscles
Class IVb Bulbar or respiratory muscles (can be both)
Class V Intubation
Table 2.1: The description of each class or stage structure or muscle involve and the severity of weakness in Myasthenia gravis disease. Class I is usually the first stage of Myasthenia gravis. The
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Other than that, respiratory muscles also will be affected. Patient with this disease in the Class IIb started to have difficulties in breathing. Any ocular muscles will have any severity in weakness in the Class III. Other muscles weakness that affected will start to show moderate weakness. At this stage, the condition of patient will become a lot worsen. Class IIIa is the weakness of limb or axial muscles. The head, hand and leg will become difficult to use. The weakness is increase so the patient will have greater difficulty to move around. The weakness of bulbar and respiratory muscle will become worsen in Class IIIb. Patient who suffered from Myasthenia gravis at this stage will having breathing difficulty. The patient might struggler gasping for air sometime. Any expression also could not be shown due to the weakness of facial muscles. In Class IV, the condition is worse. The ocular and other muscles that affected in this disease greatly become weaker. The eye, head, neck, hand and leg almost could not be used because the muscle cannot contract due to the weakness. Any movements also become almost

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