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This report is divided into Sections A&B for the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for spillage controls which are spillage control outside the Biosafety cabinet (BSC) and spillage control inside the BSC. Section C contains the SOP for spillage controls in centrifuges and incubators.
The organism in this case is Mycobacterium tuberculosis and it is a risk group 3 (RG3) organism, which is highly contagious. Risk group 3 organisms have a high individual risk but a low community risk. The pathogen usually causes serious human or animal disease but disease does not normally spread to one another and effective treatments are available.

Section A
This section lists the spillage control procedures of pre-requisites, isolation and disinfection
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Once the spill is fully contained, gently pour and saturate absorbent material/paper towel with 2% solution of gluteraldehyde from the edges working towards the centre. ( Spraying may cause aerosol formation)
10. Allow for a minimum of 20-30 minutes of contact time to ensure that the Mycobacterium tuberculosis is killed.
11. Using paper towels and 2% solution of gluteraldehyde, wipe down walls of BSC, work surfaces and equipment.
12. With 2% solution of gluteraldehyde, flood work surface and drain pan and let stand for minimum of 20 minutes.
13. Pick up the absorbent material or paper towels.
14. If applicable, use thick gloves, scoop, and brush found in biosafety spill kit to clean up broken glass.
15. Place glass and absorbent material in autoclavable container
16. Observe the affected area and beyond for any remaining spill or surface residue.
17. Gently apply a 2% solution of gluteraldehyde on the residue surface. Wipe up the residue with paper towels and repeat at least once.

Refer to Section B for the rest of the protocol

Section B
This section describes the disposal methods for both spills inside and outside of BSC.
1. Disinfect all waste before disposal, either by steam sterilisation, incineration or chemical

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