Essay On Mycorrhizae

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How do mycorrhizae affect plants? many mycorrhizal spores are usually present in the organic matter that is close to the surface of healthy soil, and they typically multiply where there is moist and aerated conditions .If the hyphae of the spores meet with the roots of plant which then provide the hyphae with chemical cues like organic acid that leads to mycorrhizal growth, the hyphae will break through the cell walls to the cell membrane forming chemical passageways between the soil and the plant. Mycorrhizae then get soil water and nutrients from pockets that are inaccessible. it is important to say that mycorrhizae do not colonize to a specific plant or at specific time ;however, they colonize most of the plants and have multiple host at different times .they can work as an intermediate between roots of different species and help in carrying nutrients to the plants with dire need , also they stabilizes the soil ,increase its aggregates and promote in organic matter decomposition .Thus, ending up in a fungal freeway network where nutrient and water can reach plants easily.
Why don’t plants have defences against mycorrhizal infection?
As we know The relation between the fungi and the plant is mutualistic , where the fungi take carbohydrates and vitamins from the
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The addition of contaminants and pollutants like salt, lime, heavy metals and fungicides leads to inactive mycorrhizae. Adding large quantities fertilizers especially those that contain phosphate is the most damaging to mycorrhizal health because nutrients will be available for these plants from fertilizers and eventually plants will no more rely on mycorrhizae. Beside to this , this nutrient-rich environment will be an excellent environment for microbes where mycorrhizae become inactive and wait for more suitable soil
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