Mydin Swot Analysis

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SWOT analysis help organization assess issues within and outside the organization. SWOT analysis means of (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis). Situation analysis in which external opportunities and threats from competition and internal strengths and weakness of an organization. Provides an outline for strategic and decision-making.

In this case, the first strength Mydin is cheap price, hence many people will buy in Mydin. especially for grocer because they buy and resell the item. Same too with their household will be comparing price, usually price offered by more expensive supermarket compared to Mydin. Besides that the strength of Mydin is established brand name such as Mydin soap. Next the strength
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This because must imposed rules and regulations to every individual who works in the organization, irregardless of his/her position applies to his family members as well. He quoted an example of how his nephew and his brother had to comply with the company rules like any other employee in. This is can helps someone more discipline in work for example punctuality for meeting, work, and can improve behavior. With discipline someone looks always good. The underlying reason for this decision is to ensure the organizational business culture and values will be carried out by every individual in the organization for generations to come, upholding MYDIN’s effective human resource management strategy. Third recommendation on how the company can achieve hing performance in the future is training, Employees need to be fully equipped with substantial knowledge and skill. Effective management of human resource is very crucial in MYDIN. sufficient exposures to the company 's working culture and procedures, they may be able to perform better. According to Dato’ Ameer, by doing good deeds, employees will not lose anything and instead they would be able to improve their interpersonal skills and individual performance. Training programs takes place continuously in the organization as he advocates motivating his staff to teach other staffs about the business practices.…show more content…
Such as managing human resource, allocates a certain sum of monetary incentives to any employee, who may experience fatal injuries or hospitalization, the least is RM 500.00 per person. During the month of Ramadan, every staff who works during the night shift will be provided with free meals paid by MYDIN. Employees are encouraged to get themselves involved in recreational clubs, which is internalized in the company. They can have karaoke activities, family with this can close ties between employee with manager. In this can help and achieve hing performance in the future of

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