Myeloma Research Paper

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MYELOMA Myeloma is a blood cancer that affects the plasma cells in the blood. The blood production helps stop the developing of the myeloma. The spine and the hips are the first bones attacked. The body will not make any new plasma cells to fight the disease. The bone barrow is the first body system to be damaged and unable to make more cells. The bone marrow will show the damage as a nonmalignant osteoporosis. The lesions on the bone marrow could be painful or break a bone. It is not for sure that genetics is the reason for myeloma. The blood platelets help the body fight the myeloma. Myeloma is called multiple myeloma when the plasma clumps and at many sites. When one site is detectable it is called solitary…show more content…
The measuring levels of the immunoglobulins is one way of tracking the extent and progression of the disease. If the immunoglobin that is secreted from myeloma the normal immunogobulin will be suppressed. Liquid and solid bone marrow samples are examined under a microscope to test for myeloma. The smoldering multiple myeloma is a condition that involves the findings of abnormal plasma cells that produce a monoclonal protein, but no symptoms. Indolent multiple myeloma this type of myeloma have an elevated number of abnormal plasma cells in the bone marrow that may or may not produce monoclonal protein. They also have mild anemia or bone lesions, but they have no symptoms. Symptomatic multiple myeloma is the full active…show more content…
The symptoms of myeloma are mostly pain but the ribs and spine are the most effected areas in the body causing chest wall or back pain. If the myeloma is advanced can cause bone degeneration which can press on the nerves causing little feeling, burning sensation and paralysis. It can cause high levels of calcium destroying the bones at a fast rate. The other complications cryoglobulinemia this rare condition produce a protein that precipitates, when it is exposed to cold temperatures. Amyloidosis occurs mostly in people whose myeloma has the light chain components of immunoglobulins to form a sticky protein called amyloid, impairs the function of whichever organ it is in. The kidney damage due to myeloma is fatigue, nausea, vomiting there also could be no signs and could cause foamy urine. Hyperviscostly syndrome can cause bruising from the mouth, nose, headaches, confusion, sleepiness, and problems with feeling their limbs. A bone marrow sample is taken to see what stage you can be treated
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