Myer-Briggs Self Assessment Report

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Through the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator assessment I learned the four main personalities that I possess are: Extraversion, which allows me to get my energy from being around people, Intuition, keeps me focused on the future and the big possibilities it has for me, Feeling which helps me to connect with others and my morals/values I have, and Perceiving, this allows me to keep my views open about anything and keeping a flexible schedule for new approaches in life. After taking this assessment I learned more about how I may respond in different types of situations whether stressful or fun. Another assessment that helped me understand more about my perception of how I react to my surroundings was through Gallup’s, “Top Five Strengths Insight Report?.…show more content…
John Holland’s Strong Interest Inventory assessment I scored high on the three themes: Social, Enterprising, and Artistic. The interest of the ones categorized in “Social” were people who behaved similar to me. They enjoyed teamwork, helping others, and providing community service. The Enterprisers were people who enjoy risk taking and were motivated to keep pursuing their goals. The Artistic ones were full of originality, creativity, and expressed their thoughts through their skills in music, writing, or creating visual art. Through these themes the assessment found occupations that I could consider looking into more. One of those occupations was a Facilities Manager, which I could see myself overseeing and organizing the workplace that I would facilitate. The last assessment I took was the, “Personal Values Clarification” assessment which allowed me to take a deeper look to my core values I treasure. My top five values were: Justice, Wisdom, Loyalty, Family, and Creativity. After reviewing my values, I noticed that some of them intertwined with another. For example, justice and loyalty both serve for being true to someone or something. Wisdom and creativity spark each other, since through wisdom you can gain a creative mind set. For family it can gather all of the other values because family doesn’t stand alone it carries multiple values to keep a family…show more content…
In the different assessments, I noticed that whether the assessment was regarding my strength, personality, or interest each assessment connected with each other, to bring me together into a person who applies her positive approach and uses her intuition in her career. Each assessment helped me take a different approach into my career exploration. They taught me how to apply myself and to know that each person has a different talent that can fit into any career. Taking the assessments opened my eyes to new ideas I would have never thought of trying. I can now finally take a comfortable step into finding my career after taking the self
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