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There are many different aspects to consider when an individual is trying to see what career best suits them and who they are as a person. Some people are very strong and confident in who they are and what aspirations they want to see accomplished in their lives. Others are not so sure of themselves or have no direction in where they would like to see themselves after high school or college. In these extreme cases, one concept that people use that assist individuals in finding themselves and what they want to do with their life is by taking the Myers Briggs assessment. I took the Myers Briggs test and found it extremely interesting due to the personality traits that were given to me. I was given the traits ISFJ, which stands for introverted,…show more content…
Firstly, I learned that I feel overworked whenever I am trying to accomplish something. This fact assists me academically because I can try and determine what my boundaries are and what homework I can for sure achieve in a day without trying to stress myself out. Another trait about myself that I realized is essential for me academically is that it does not matter "whether or not there is logical flow in the presentation of the material," (Human Metrics). Essentially, this is saying that if I learn something, it does not matter if there is a very general, specific order to this. Instead, it can be spontaneous and out of order or it could be in a specific order as well. This is useful to know because it allows for me to learn several concepts in different ways, and it could be useful because it could help me retain the information better. This is also great because I know that I am a heart type of leader; therefore, I do not always need to rely on logic in order to understand differing concepts or ideas. A third trait about myself that could assist me academically is that I have "a high degree of tolerance to high levels of learning related stress,"(Human Metrics). This is beneficial for my academic pursuits because I know now that I can handle learning new objectives without feeling overwhelmed. In summary, there are a few contrasting ways I could apply this to my academic…show more content…
I am currently a finance major; however, I have been looking into obtaining another field of study to major in as well. I had been looking into accounting, graphic design, and economics. According to my Myers Briggs test, I would thrive in graphic design. This brings me comfort because I know that I would do well in that occupation if I decide to choose it. The information that I learned from the Myers Briggs test helps me professionally in this way because it is allowing for me to choose through majors that may click with me better than others. It is also reassuring because graphic design is a tough occupation, and knowing that my personality fits with the job is extremely comforting. Although finance was not listed among the fields of study that I would excel in, one possible career type that did show up in this list is customer service. Although customer service and finance, there is customer service involved in most finance related occupations. This is beneficial information to know about me because, even if I need to work on improving the finance aspect of who I am as an individual, at least I know for a fact that I would excel at being a customer service associate, which is required in finance. It also states that "ISFJs often find themselves in occupations that either involve a lot of interactions with people and/or require meticulousness and diligence," (Human

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