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Myers-Briggs Personality Type – Chuang Tang According to the MBTI test (, I am an INTJ, which Wikipedia says is pretty rare (2-4% of the population). The MBTI test also had the percentage of each characteristic; in my case, I was 39% I, 19% N, 19% T, and 39% J. This means that I am only slightly an INTJ, and is somewhat middle-of-the-road on each of the four characteristics. For example, among close friends and family, I am quite extroverted and talk quite a lot. In addition, sometimes I am strongly affected by emotions, such as when watching tragedy movies. I would absolutely agree that I am an INTJ, a “systems builder” and “architect”, relying on reason and logic to solve problems. I identify with the self-confidence, being reserved, and perfectionist aspects of INTJ. I wonder if Myers-Briggs Type is partially influenced by culture or parenting. For example, many Asian cultures have the idea that you have two ears and one mouth, so you should talk less and listen more, thus being more reserved, which I think has been a shaping factor in my personality. In contrast,…show more content…
This is almost the perfect blend of Computer Science or pre-med, both of which are possible career paths for me. I find that I work well in math and science, but I also am able to excel at engineering, which is a blend of practicality and creativity. Engineers often have to create novel solutions, which I’m well-equipped to handle with this unique personality set. Another important strength that I saw in INTJ was the idea of knowing what I don’t know. This is very important in a group setting because groups succeed or fail based on communication, and knowing what I don’t know will allow me to communicate with the group which tasks I can accomplish well. Also, I can be the voice of logic and reason in my team, fleshing out arguments and building unique perspectives from a logical

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