Myers-Briggs Type Reflection

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Myers-Briggs Type Reflection Essay
People sometimes wonder what makes up their personality. An individual can ponder upon why they feel a particular way, why they make certain decisions, or why they do not like or like specific things. The Myers-Briggs Type indicator assessment allows for people to understand their preferences and personality in depth. Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers created the assessment based on Carl Jung’s studies. Jung was a psychologist that studied people’s behavior and personalities. The MBTI is an assessment that uses self-evaluating questions to determine a person’s personality type. There are 16 different types a person can be that is made up of four of the eight different preferences. The different preferences
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Although, I cannot say the people that surround me do not affect my preferences. From my family to teachers at school, they have all played a part in help making me who I am today. Teachers have always stressed that participating in class makes the class more enjoyable and easier to learn. Being an extravert, past teachers have enjoyed the eagerness and involvement I show in class. My mother had a big impact on my intuition preference. No matter the situation, my mother was always thinking about the future and was always looking at the big picture. As she has completely remodeled two houses, she was infatuated with the end goal and what the houses will look like. She is not so big on the small details that it takes to create the end goal. As a result, I tend to always think of the “what-ifs” also. Being a feeler as always came naturally to me. Although, my family is very caring and caring for others is all I have ever been taught. For example, having younger siblings, I was always told to look after them and care for them. My perceiving personality has always been a blessing to my big family. I never know when I will have a family gathering I will need to attend, so not like having set plans means I am usually up for anything that comes my
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