Myers Drabble Essay

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THE ADVENTURES OF MYERS DRIBBLE is a very creative and imaginary script. The goal is fairly clear. However, the goal is more about Myers’s emotional goal rather than an actionable goal that he has to achieve. For Myers, the stakes are personal. The script is driven by themes about destiny, tolerance, and acceptance. The script is presented as being a pilot or episode one of a continuing show. The premise of the series feels clear: the series will highlight the zany and madcap adventures of Myers Dribble. One can envision that each week he will come up with some new cure or pill to fix a problem that doesn’t really need to be fixed. While there are certainly features to like about this original script, there are also areas that are worth discussing. First, there’s a clear inciting event with the idea of the pill that cures transgender issues. The catalyst that moves the story forward is when the crowd turns on Myers. His goal seems to be redemption. The script, however, doesn’t always feel goal focused or oriented. It relies more on antics and gags, rather than telling a story about Myers trying to achieve a specific goal. The other concern about the presentation is that the protagonist, Myers Dribble, is presented as being much too cartoonish and child-like. He’s established as being so naïve and clueless about the world,…show more content…
The problem that Myers has to solve doesn’t feel relatable to the audience. He comes up with a cure for gender identity issues and then his problem seems to be to redeem himself, but the audience isn’t emotionally invested in his problem. Perhaps a stronger plot is needed in which Myers has a more compelling actionable goal to achieve. The idea is to get the audience to root and care about Myers and root for him to accomplish his goal. His goal for the episode is more emotional and character driven vs. an external goal with strong
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