Myles Monologue

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I had never saw Louis this melancholy; I wondered what brought it about. Surely, it was not meeting the baroness tonight; I would think it had more to do with Boudreaux. When Louis took my hand and told me that he loved me, I knew it did. “I saw the way Myles Laveau looked at you tonight… you said that you’ve only met him on one previous occasion?” Louis’ sudden bringing of Myles into conversation caught me by surprise. Therefore, it was worry over Myles and not Boudreaux that caused him to be so expressive. Slowly, I took a sip of wine and took my time answering. “Yes, I just met him that one time, when I went to Marie’s to get a potion for my feminine ailments. It was a very brief meeting; just an introduction really.” “You did know that Marie is his sister did you not- Myles is half Negro, though he does not look it or claim it. His father took him into his home and raised him as a legitimate heir because he had none with his white wife… You are always pretty forward about what you think of people; at least you have been about Boudreaux. How do you feel about Myles, knowing that he is half Negro?” “I never would have known if you had not told me… how do you feel about it?” I answered his question with a question of my own. “Are…show more content…
“You are my only love- the only woman other than my mother that I have ever cared enough about to consider what would happen to them should something happen to me. Just choose wisely… should I depart this world, you would be the wealthiest widow in the Parish. You will have many suitors chasing your fortune, ma pétite. Men like Myles who ride on the coattails of the wealthy and live off the scraps of the upper crust are only after the money… Boudreaux may not be perfect as a human being, he would be a good match for you… and he cares deeply for you; I can see it in his eyes when he looks at you.” My knees became weak when he said this and it took every ounce of my strength to stay
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