Myles Role Model Research Paper

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Myles Is the role model That I look up to be. He Doesn 't Tolerate Bullies, He cares about other people, and he likes to stay in contact with all his friends. I would say Myles is my role model he is one of my great friends. Myles is one of those people who cant get mad at anyone for anything. He wouldn 't let anyone get in his way of doing something he loved. When people would be rude to him, he would always just let it slide like nothing ever happened. Me and my friends say he has like a 'Brick Wall Of Kindness '. He would always brighten my mood whenever I feel down or mad about something. Myles is one of those kids Who wouldn 't let bullies get to him, almost like what people say a 'Thick Skin '. And that shows on Myles, he always
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