Myotonic Dystrophy Research Paper

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Myotonic Dystrophy-
The myotonic dystrophy is a multisystem disease (that affects several body systems) characterized by a difficulty in relaxation of muscles after an intentional contraction. The disease can occur in adulthood, or age perinatal; in the latter case it is called congenital and has a much more serious trend. The devices are more or less involved the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system, the view, the muscles, of course, the respiratory system.
Myotonic dystrophy is a disease inheritance, autosomal dominant. This means that it does not depend on sex and has a risk of recurrence by 50% for each pregnancy. The cause is abnormal expansion of the three bases (triplet) of a gene on
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The electric myotonic phenomenon is highlighted by examining electromyography: injecting needle electrode into the muscle, you will see a download of potentials involuntary action caused permissible membrane.
Symptoms of muscular dystrophy includes-
• Delay in growth in particular posture, which usually begins between 3 and 7 years.
• Difficulty in walking and climbing stairs, so the posture become unsteady.
• Tendency to fall and difficult to get
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And yet one can intervene in various ways - with in order to control and prevent the individual problems. The myotonic phenomenon, when significantly disabling, can improve with the use of drugs such as quinine, diphenylhydantoin or antiarrhythmic agents such as procainamide and mexiletine; and yet, since these drugs can produce side effects, the employment opportunities to be assessed case by case basis in relation to the actual severity of myotonic phenomenon. A level cardiology, using antiarrhythmic drugs, inotropic, antihypertensive and diuretics; cataracts can be removed with a simple surgery. The power supply should be treated in order to avoid ponderal overloads; it is not contraindicated regular physical activity, but not to be tiring. Finally it shows the ventilation therapy of support, when they appear increases of carbon dioxide and daytime and / or night-time hypoxia for reduced respiratory muscle

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