Milwaukee Cannibal Case

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The Milwaukee Cannibal was sentenced to 15 terms in prison for the murder of 17 men and boys in 1992, which adds up to approximately 957 years in jail. Dahmer was “...charged with four counts of first-degree intentional homicide…” after a victim escaped, and reported Dahmer to the police. The Milwaukee police found a tub full of acid, human remains, and gruesome photographs of Dahmer’s murders. After years of molesting, drugging, cannibalism, and performing necrophilia, Dahmer was killed in jail by another inmate in 1994 (Maranzani).

Not all serial killers are men; Myra Hindley is an example of a female serial killer, also known as "The Moors Murderer" and "The Most Evil Woman in Britain" (The Most Famous Female Serial Killers). Hindley
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She was also put in jail for being a accomplice to Ian Brandy and knowing about John Kilbride's death. She confessed to all five murders in 1987, and was never released from jail. Hindley died on November 16, 2002 due to respiratory failure at age 60 (Myra Hindley

One of America's first serial killer was H.H. Holmes. His birth name was Herman Webster Mudgett, but later changed it to H.H. Holmes. Holmes was born on May 16, 1861 in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. He grew up into a wealthy family and showed a liking for medicine. Holmes would practice surgery on animals and because of his fascination in surgery, he might have been responsible for an acquaintance's death (H.H. Holames

Holmes attended the University of Michigan, where he began to scam insurance companies by stealing corpses and making false claims. The medical student would also take corpses from the university to preform experiments
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Every serial killer chooses to murder for different reasons, but one thing they all have in common is that they don’t feel any remorse. Serial killers can blend in as normal person because although many people believe they are gruesome looking characters, they could be an average person with families. Sadistic killers want others to fear them and feel submissive compared to them. Although there are ways to prevent people who have psychopathic tendencies from becoming serial killers early on through psychological help, some people who have surpassed the stages of being helped can no longer be

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