Myrtle Beach Human Trafficking Issues

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Myrtle Beach is an ideal vacation spot during all times of the year, especially during the summer months when school is out. One problem that can occur during these vacation periods is human trafficking. North and South Carolina are in the top 10 worst states for human/sex trafficking. This has been a problem for the past 10 years in these states. Many locals are scared for their children’s safety after all these trafficking cases have occurred by their homes. Are we doing enough to prevent human trafficking in the local area?
Almost 300,000 people every year are forced into the sex trafficking trade system. Most of all the people forced into the trade system are girls between the age of 12-18. These people are being imprisoned for usage of their body, for the joy of others with the highest price.
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You have to be aware of the surroundings and the people around you. A popular place in Myrtle Beach that a predator might kidnap people are on the busy public streets. If you are alone on a street at night time, especially during summer, you are an easier target. Another way human trafficking can happen is by talking to someone online and meeting them somewhere you go often. Many predators could seem nice and friendly online, but when you meet them somewhere with not a lot of people, especially your home, they can kidnap you and put you in the system. This is why some people don 't know where their loved ones have gone because of meeting someone that they meet online and they got kidnapped. Some pros about stopping human trafficking is that the predator will go to jail and they will not be performing anymore crimes on the streets. Being put in jail for trafficking will automatically put them on the sex offenders list. This will limit their access to living near and working with children. The government has a database that stops these predators from talking to children on social
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