Myrtle Wilson: Looking For Superiority

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Myrtle Wilson is looking for superiority. To begin, Myrtle is described as a “woman in the middle thirties and faintly stout,but she carried her flesh sensuously as some women can.” By reading this quote one can tell that Myrtle is an aggressively attractive woman. She 's the wife of George Wilson, who is a lower-middle class man. In order for Myrtle to achieve superiority, she needs to attract Tom as he’s the gateway to her superiority and gaining of socioeconomic status. Although Tom treats her like a dog, Myrtle continues to stay with him in order to achieve what she is looking for. Being around Tom will satisfy Myrtle as she’s able to experience superiority whenever she 's in his presence. This will satisfy her because she 's amoral.

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