The Great Gatsby: Workshop, Tragedy Of Ashes

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DATE: June.15.1922 TIME: EST.10:35 P.M. LOCATION: workshop, VALLEY OF ASHES There was an accident that transpired during a Saturday night at 10:35pm stationed close to George Wilson`s work shop where its currently believed that a female named Myrtle Wilson, the wife of George Wilson, has allegedly been killed by a mysterious car as she ran towards the streets for an odd reason struggling to utter something. An eyewitness and an acquaintance to George Wilson, working in a coffee shop close by, said to have seen a bright gold car driving carelessly and above the normal speed limit as they made an effort to avoid driving over her but unfortunately failed to do so and thus fled the scene. Later that night, George Wilson was constantly…show more content…
On that night, a few minutes after the interview was over, Tom showed up at my workshop. At that instant I tried to strangle him. Of course I should do that! He´s the one that killed my Myrtle! But as it turned out, Tom just arrived from the city. He told me everything. He wasn´t the one driving the yellow car. He said he knew who did it. Gatsby – Jay Gatsby did it. Tom further explained that he gave his car to Gatsby. At the beginning I thought he was lying just to save himself, until people said they saw him coming with a blue coupé. He later told me that this so called Gatsby has been cheatin´ and was having affairs with lots of women all over the town, and that Myrtle was likely one of them. Although I´ve never seen him before, if he is the one that took my Myrtle away from me, things won´t look pretty for that bastard. You see, everything makes sense now, right George? Myrtle ran off towards the streets because of HIM. Because she knew it was HIM, she expected him to help her. Much to her surprise, that man she thought would help did not give a dang about her and therefore got rid of her. That is all I have in store. If you would like to excuse me, I have an important business meeting to attend to, goodbye
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